The difference between painting and printing

- Jan 16, 2020-

Photo realistic and ink-jet printing belong to the same type of ink-jet printing. Usually, the printing equipment is the ink-jet printer and the photo realistic machine, but the photo realistic generally refers to the indoor ink-jet painting, which has the characteristics of high definition and high pixel; the ink-jet painting mostly refers to the outdoor ink-jet painting, but the general definition of the ink-jet painting is not as high as the photo realistic.

Nowadays, with the wide application of piezoelectric photo machine, the photo machine can be used to print out large-scale outdoor advertising pictures, which can achieve high-precision and high-speed ink-jet printing. For example, under the application of high-performance Wuteng photo machine in Shenzhen, it can be used for spray printing of large-scale advertising images, such as outdoor large-scale billboard advertising images, shop window posters, shop light box doorways, stage background, large-scale advertising of buildings, home decoration wallpaper, soft film ceiling, car stickers, portrait photo, wedding photography, etc.  

Printing is a technology that transfers ink to the surface of paper, fabric, plastic, leather and other materials and copies the contents of the original in batches through the process of plate making, ink application, pressure and so on. Printing is almost paper, such as business card, card, flyer, foldout, picture album and so on.

Printing is mostly used for books, various propaganda color pages, etc., which are printed by means of printing. The printing equipment it chooses is a printing machine, etc. Printing graphic design occupies the highest proportion in graphic design work, with the widest design scope and content. Books, newspapers, magazines, picture albums, bills, bills, etc. we usually contact are all works produced through design and printing processing.