The correct operation specification of the paper feed and paper feed system

- May 13, 2019-

Piezoelectric pictorial machine for daily use, correct operation specification can avoid a lot of printing failures, more high-quality and effective to save production cost, easy to complete daily print to print work, thus the correct use and maintenance of pictorial machine operation, can prolong the service life of pictorial machine better, improve the working efficiency of the spray print.

Pictorial machine paper to go the correct operation of paper system specification, such as daily pictorial machine spray print work, common due to incorrect release paper paper system operation, will bring some unnecessary printing failures, such as pictorial machine in print, can appear sometimes print media into paper not level off, go paper wrinkle, print image deflection, line is not straight, paperboard, scraping, ceng ink, caused by image not stem image ink adhesive paper, paste and so on, these are due to the fault caused by incorrect operation specification. Although is a small fault, small problems, but don't ignore, because these glitches, not only affect the pictorial machine work efficiency, but also wastes the print media and consumables such as ink, increase production costs, and even, pictorial machine paper wrinkle, paper media will scratches nozzle, print heads caused by mirror or scratch the nozzle, and so on and so forth, damage to the nozzle.

First of all, when installing printing consumables, the operator should correctly select the printing consumables of appropriate size, install them on the crossbar below the photo machine, and gently feed the consumables into the feeding port behind the photo machine to ensure that the printing consumables are placed in the right position. If it is manual paper, it is best to shake the left and right to pull, to keep printing supplies elastic moderate, let go of tight, and pressure paper wheel force is uneven, too strong or pressure paper wheel failure, will also cause the relevant printing fault. For example, paper feeding and paper receiving are out of step, paper feeding and paper receiving are inclined, or there is an obstacle at one end of the photo printing machine, which will cause paper wrinkling.

Then the operation of the printing platform, for example, when the fan of the paper suction platform fails to adsorb the paper of the paper feeding system, then the printing medium cannot be perfectly attached to the printing platform. When printing, the printing medium is easy to be offset, resulting in the paper wrinkling of the photo machine.

The last one is, about the daily paper media problems caused by the paper system glitches, such as printing paper medium material itself quality is not up to standard, printing media moisture, and so on, resulting in paper wrinkle, photo printing machine ink smudge and other problems.

Therefore, the photo machine paper out of the paper system to pay attention to the correct operating specifications, before printing, the user had better first check whether these aspects are normal, to prevent the photo machine paper wrinkle, improve work efficiency, avoid waste supplies.