The application of photo machine to spray painting in large shopping malls and supermarkets

- Jan 28, 2021-

The display and promotion of commodity advertising is a common marketing method in shopping malls, and the photo machine can achieve high-precision indoor and outdoor advertising image inkjet printing and output, which has a very good application for large shopping malls and supermarkets' commodity publicity, commodity posters, promotion boards, window, decoration and so on.  

The application of photo machine to large shopping malls and supermarkets, according to its different painting media, also has its different painting display applications

1. Supermarket entrance easy Labao, X shelf promotion information, preferential information; product use.  

2. The advertising promotion information of door painting, floor painting, advertising spray painting and magnifying move is lamp cloth, removable gum + floor film (for more than one month, no fading, no trampling).  

3. Two KT boards are used to decorate the product alarm at the entrance of the supermarket.  

4. Supermarkets, shopping malls ceiling hanging posters, hanging signs, hanging flags, spray painted posters, head visible, will not occupy the space of the mall.  

5. Shopping mall column advertising spray painting, with photo paper, KT board, lamp cloth wrapped it.  

6. The top layer of the shelf covers the stacked goods with silk cloth.  

7. All kinds of electrical appliances front sticker inkjet photo paper advertising, intuitive know product information, data information, comparative information, just like e-commerce, not afraid of not knowing goods, afraid of goods comparison.  

8. Before shampoo, spray painting photo paper backing, before food, spray painting lamp cloth, digital printing clothing, KTB, etc.     

9. The transparent back glue on the two sides of the escalator will not affect the elevator walking landscape, and the second side of the elevator is one of the best advertisements in shopping malls and supermarkets.  

10. The back glue of elevator door can be removed (it will not be difficult to tear, and can be replaced regularly).  

11. Outside the mall activities planning 3D painting, 3D painting, 3D wall painting, supermarket decoration wallpaper, personalized wallpaper customization, as well as activities building background frame, truss rental.  

The application of photo machine in large shopping malls and supermarkets, beautiful poster window display, and eye-catching commodity promotion signs make people feel that the goods are bright and bright, and the shopping malls are full of vigor and vitality. The regular replacement of spray painting advertisements in shopping malls is not only a beautiful display, but also a kind of vitality and responsibility to consumers.