suction fan play a big role for Photo machine

- Jul 14, 2020-

Letop photo machine adopts imported quality aluminum alloy grinding platform, with smooth and firm surface. In the printing and output work of the photo machine, the paper suction fan under the platform works at the same time, and the fan rotates to form air flow. Through the small holes on the platform, the small suction force is generated to suck the paper flat. This will make the printing paper medium close to the printing platform and make the photo machine print more smoothly.

Its working principle is: the paper suction fan blows forward, and the air behind it comes to supplement. At this time, a strong air flow is formed behind the fan to produce suction and absorb the paper. The main reason is that the pressure difference between the upper and lower caused by the high-speed operation of the fan is to realize the paper tightly attached to the panel, which is the paper suction platform on our photo machine.  

Especially in the inkjet printing output of the photo machine, some hard paper media are often encountered. When the paper feeding operation is carried out on the printing platform, if the pressing sheet fails to press the front paper surface, the paper will be easy to arch and affect the printing.  

Therefore, the paper suction fan and suction platform are very useful. At the same time, the printing platform design of Shenzhen Wuteng series piezoelectric photo machine is designed with paper absorption platform and heating platform, which can moderately speed up the ink drying while printing output, especially in the climate environment with heavy humidity.