Some false faults of the picture machine

- Nov 25, 2019-

Write often uses a lot of machines are prone to failure, but these failures, there are some false failures. So what is a false fault? False fault actually refers to the wrong idea of improper software setting and user's subjective consciousness, while the reason that the photo machine can't work or other reasons is the fault. Today, I will analyze the following two examples of false failures.

1. The photo machine does not respond to clicking the print command

For example, when users are printing, they do not find that there are multiple print tasks waiting before. This may be a cache problem. If the print tasks are cached, the cache will be eliminated as long as the computer is restarted, so the photo machine can work.

There are also some reasons for the computer. The computer is in a multi task state, and the CPU is too large to respond to the command. At this time, you can also turn off some unnecessary tasks, and then try to execute the command again. Most of the cases are caused by the inexperienced users.

2. Ink status is displayed, but no ink is found during printing

Some users will see the ink status, but there is no ink when printing, and later found that there is no ink. In fact, this is not caused by machine failure, but also a kind of false failure, which is related to the user's settings. Half of the users will set the most economical state, such a setting program will often calculate less ink consumption, but sometimes the actual ink output will be different due to the paper, some ink output will be more, and the program does not count so that the indicator light still shows ink, but the ink cartridge may actually be dry.

There are also some other reasons that can cause false faults. Sometimes the color displayed on the display is different from the color actually printed. This is a phenomenon of color deviation, which may also be caused by setting relationship and software driver. Many faults do not mean that there is a fault in the hardware of the photo machine. In many cases, it may be caused by the user's careless operation, so everyone needs to do a good job in every step to avoid unnecessary faults