Small and medium-sized advertising graphic shop with what inkjet photo machine?

- Jul 22, 2019-

Photo inkjet printing applications, which is an indispensable core printing equipment, now open a photo inkjet printing advertising graphic shop, should choose and buy what kind of printing equipment?      

Both at the heart of the medium cities and small towns, graphic printing shop and each print advertising production company is more, some of the small and medium-sized advertising graphic we common store, for example, tend to the types of business is more, in terms of business type, graphic advertising nature in business than by fast printing, printing, photocopying, binding, CAD drawing, printing, scanning, binding, printing, photo, printing, and other stores to recruit or venue, etc., graphic advertising is actually a hodgepodge, almost everything.      

However, no matter how small and medium-sized advertising graphic shop business variety, one of the most important or must be in the application of equipment, the hands of good tools, can have a better application, said here is the photo machine inkjet printing application!    

With the rapid entry into the domestic photo printing market, no matter in the price of the machine or printing performance, the development and performance of domestic photo machine in recent years is very good. Its lower price cost, cost-effective, comparable to the import of large brands of printing equipment, but also why in recent years in the advertising printing equipment market continues to get the user's welcome! For example, lt-1602b and 1601A series of domestic leitmap photo machines are worth buying in the small and medium-sized advertising and graphic shops we recommend. Home furnishings, from guangzhou figure photo vendors would 2018 new models, new products for the LT - 1600 - s series of classic, with simple operation, easy to use, use, support nozzle, epson epson DX5 DX7 5113 nozzle, the nozzle, the nozzle, epson epson XP600 new appearance design, the flow print width 1.6 meters, avoid flooding the network interfaces of online printing, printing precision is high, colour is pure!    

If you are planning to open a small and medium sized advertising graphic shop or expanding your advertising inkjet printing business, choose LT-1602B and 1601A models. Leto photo machine support common advertising inkjet paper materials, such as inkjet cloth, car paste, PP adhesive, light box cloth, wallpaper, photo paper, single through and so on. Lt-1602b and 1601A series are available for outdoor weak solvent ink and indoor water-based ink.    

In a word, LETOP LT-1602b and 1601A series photo machines are stable, affordable, cost-effective, without more cost input, can easily join the industry without pressure, small input and earn rich profits!