Several main parameters of photo machine

- Dec 26, 2020-

For many new friends, for many camera parameters, I don't know how to choose, how to see the camera parameters. Let's share the main parameters of the photo machine

1. Nozzle: the nozzle can be said to be the most important part in the photo machine. Generally, the nozzle is divided into two types: thermal foaming nozzle and micro piezoelectric nozzle.

2. Width: inkjet printer's width is larger, usually 3.2m; photo printer's width is smaller, usually 1.52m. Width is divided into paper width that material width and spray width that work width.    

3. Accuracy is resolution: DPL (dot per inch): refers to the number of printable points per inch of the printer. It is an important standard to measure the printing quality, and also a basic index to judge the printer resolution. At least 300 DPL resolution is needed to ensure the printing effect.

4. Color: for the parameter of color, some friends think that the brighter the color, the better. In fact, the quality of color depends on the gamut size and the consistency of restoration (the uniformity within the gamut). In terms of gamut, the natural color that human eyes can feel is > RGB gamut > cmykorgr six gamut > CMYK four gamut, so some colors can't be expressed by spray painting 。 The quality of color should be divided into indoor and outdoor two situations to analyze and judge. Generally speaking, the indoor ink gamut is larger, and the inkjet effect is more gorgeous, while the outdoor ink is darker and grayer.

5. Output speed: usually many manufacturers will list the following modes: such as "draft mode", "photo mode", etc. In fact, the factors that affect the speed of inkjet painting are as follows:

A: The speed of equipment painting

B: Software rip speed

C: Data transmission speed, drying time, etc. The speed of pure inkjet is related to the mode, and the factors that determine the mode are: precision, pass number, single direction and double direction, times of re inkjet, etc.

6. Outdoor anti ultraviolet performance: this performance is mainly determined by the ink used, the original ink of each manufacturer is not universal, so the anti ultraviolet performance of different ink jet printing effect of each machine is not the same.