Several Factors of Fast Drying of Picture after Printing Output of Photographer

- Aug 19, 2019-

What factors will affect the daily use of the photogrammeter, especially in the case of advertising spray printing urgent orders, and in the case of rainy weather? The following understandings and understandings can realize fast drying of the printer, printing output and output image screen.   

First: The factors of fast drying of the printout image pictures of the photogrammeter are very much related to the ink. Different ink has different structural components. The high-quality original manufacturer ink has fast drying, high-quality fluency, brilliant color and exquisite painting quality. Moreover, through strict printing test and parameter adjustment, color proofreading, matching test according to different temperature and humidity, etc., not only better escort for the photo machine sprinkler, but also make the rapid printing output handy! Spray painting drying quickly, use more assured! Warm reminder: Do not covet cheap, use inferior ink!   

Second: Photographer in rainy weather environment, it is often easy to appear some printing paper consumables in the photogrammeter printing output, the image picture drying slowly. The reason is that in rainy days, the humidity and humidity of the workspace of the photogrammeter have changed differently, such as the high temperature and humidity in the working environment, which can not provide suitable working conditions for the photogrammeter. As a result, ink and paper consumables are also affected when the photogrammeter prints out. 。 It is suggested that the working environment of the photogrammeter should be kept between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 35% and 65%. This temperature and humidity is more suitable for the printing of the photogrammeter. It is very helpful to the quick drying of the ink, the machine and the picture after the printing output.   

3. Auxiliary system after printing output with the help of photo-printer, such as heating system in front, middle and back of photo-printer platform, drying equipment after printing output, such as Wuteng MT-D16 photo-printer, Wuteng MT-1602 double-nozzle photo-printer and fan drying system in Wuteng glory MT-RJ19B2 series photo-printer, infrared drying system. Heating system and other post-printing fast drying aids, after the printer spray printing output, open the relevant fast drying system, can quickly dry the spray painting picture, for spray printing urgent order faster completion! 4. Choosing high-quality paper consumables, different types of paper, different quality of related paper and layers, different adsorptive adhesion of ink, and so on, will directly affect the drying of image pictures after printing and printing, and the storage and storage of these paper media will also be affected by the climatic environment of the storage environment. For example, the paper medium is affected by moisture, etc. Fifth, the influence of large area color blocks in spray-painted print images, such as red monochrome image in large area and black monochrome image in large area in image design, and new coverage of color repetition and enrichment, will affect the problem of slow drying of image after spray-painted print output. So, pay attention to the design!   

Finally, it is emphasized once again that the use of high-quality printer original ink, printer spray printing operation is more assured.