Several factors for quick drying of the picture after printing and printing by photo printing machine

- Aug 12, 2019-

The daily use of the photo machine, especially in the case of advertising printing printing urgent orders, and in the case of rainy weather, the photo machine printing printing after the picture quickly drying will be affected by what factors?  

First, the photo machine printing printing output image picture of the rapid drying factor and ink is very big, different ink it has different structure components, high quality original packaging of the original factory ink, with fast drying, high quality of fluency, color gorgeous, fine picture quality! And through the original photo machine factory strict print test and parameter adjustment, color proofreading, according to different temperature, humidity matching experiment test and so on, not only better for the photo machine nozzle escort, and let the fast printing output with ease! Printing fast air drying, use more assured! Warm reminder: do not coax cheap, use inferior ink!   

Two, photo machine in the rainy weather environment, often prone to some printing paper supplies in the photo machine inkjet printing output, image screen dry slowly. This reason is that under the rainy environment, the photo machine work space humidity, humidity, etc. Have different changes, such as the high temperature in the working environment, humidity, etc., can not provide suitable working conditions for the photo machine, resulting in the photo machine printing output, ink, paper supplies are also affected. It is recommended that the working environment of the photo machine keep the temperature between 15℃-30℃, the humidity between 35%-65%, this temperature and humidity is more suitable for the photo machine inkjet printing, the ink, the machine and inkjet printing output after the speed of the picture is very helpful!   

After three, by means of pictorial machine related spray printing auxiliary system, such as pictorial machine after printing platform in the former three parts of heating system, print after drying equipment, such as mutoh MT - D16 pictorial machine, mutoh MT - 1602 double nozzle pictorial machine with mutoh glory MT - RJ19B2 series fan air drying system, the infrared drying of pictorial machine dry quickly after the printing auxiliary heating system, after the pictorial machine spray print, open the relevant quick drying system, can quickly drying print image, to print to print urgent single completed more quickly!   

Four consumables, the choose and buy high quality paper, different kinds of paper, paper and layer quality is different, different adsorption of ink adhesion, and so on, will directly affect the image of spray print after drying, and medium for keeping the papers will be affected by the storage environment of climate environment, such as the influence of be affected with damp be affected with damp paper medium and so on!   

Five, inkjet printing image large area of color block, such as the large area of red monochromatic image screen, large area of black monochromatic image screen, let the color repeated increase of the new coverage, these will affect inkjet printing output, the problem of slow drying of the image. So be careful when designing!   

Finally, again, the use of high quality photo machine original factory original ink, photo machine inkjet printing operation is more assured.