RGB and CMYK printing image on eco solvent printer

- Aug 17, 2020-

In the advertisement design image manuscript, many designers use RGB color mode, because the RGB color on the display screen display color is good, the effect is good. When the camera prints out, the CMYK color mode is more beautiful, and the color of the image is better

For the selection of RGB mode and CMYK mode, if it is used as the printing output of the later image of the camera, it is recommended that we use CMYK mode as far as possible. The general RGB color is used on the display screen, because this color mode is more suitable for the display effect. If it is used in the printer, we can convert the RGB color when printing and convert the RGB mode Conversion to CMYK mode, we can use PS to convert RGB mode image to CMYK mode, so when the output of the photo machine is also very good.  

Usually use RGB form for drawing, but there are some deviation problems in the effect of photo machine drawing. Therefore, it is recommended that CMYK mode should be adopted when drawing, because this is the best mode of piezoelectric photo machine, and also reflects the professionalism of our drawing and better reflect our professional and service