Reasons for more waste ink in the photo machine

- Dec 12, 2019-

For the users of the photo machine, they need to know some knowledge about the nozzle and ink cartridge. When they have a little understanding of the components of the photo machine, they can solve some daily problems and understand the normal phenomena that will occur during the use of the photo machine.  

The photo machine is a kind of wide width ink-jet printer, and there are two ways to connect the nozzle and the ink cartridge in the ink-jet printer. One is the integrated type, which is integrated and inseparable in the manufacturing process of ink cartridge and nozzle; the other is the split type, the ink cartridge and nozzle are not manufactured together, but are separated separately, and are connected at the later stage of assembly. The integrated ink-jet printer has no pump accessories, and there is no ink extraction cleaning, so there is little waste ink produced. But the split type inkjet printer such as the photo machine is different, because its split type structure is easy to produce more waste ink, so its waste ink cartridge is also large.

In addition, because the nozzle is separated from the ink cartridge, if there is a problem with the ink cartridge, it is only necessary to replace the ink cartridge, or it is often opened when changing the ink, which also makes the joint part of the nozzle and the ink cartridge easier to enter the air or very small dust, do not look down on these air and dust, they are sometimes the reason for the disconnection of the photo machine.  

Although the photo machine is prone to waste ink due to structural problems, users do not need to worry about this. For example, Shenzhen Wuteng photo machine will adopt a full-automatic cleaning and dredging system for the problem, so the nozzle can also be kept unblocked, and the resulting waste ink will enter the waste ink box. What users need to do is to clean the nozzle regularly and clean the waste ink cartridge regularly to make the photo machine work normally. Domestic photo machine