Photo machine output color and display is not the same

- Jan 28, 2019-

I often hear that the pictorial machine users report that the patterns printed out are not the same as those on the monitor. Below by le color photo machine small make up for you to introduce in detail:

1. Before printing, please check whether the color mode of the output graph file is CMYK. If it is in RGB mode, please change the mode of the graph to CMYK. However, some colors will be lost when the software changes the color mode. The general solution is to adjust the color slant. The method is to reduce the amount of yellow in the Y channel, and make several fine-tuning adjustments for each time.      

2. because the display is used to add color, printer using subtraction color, so will produce the same picture display and print color difference. It is suggested to try to use the color standard (1) monitor, at this time the human eye can hardly distinguish the difference between two colors, and when the color standard (E) >5, most human eyes can see the color difference. The color standard means a lot to professional workers.      

3. the use of equipment suppliers recommended high quality fluid ink, other unknown quality of ink will make the photo machine output picture color is not guaranteed, prone to color and color difference, and even cause great damage to the photo machine.      

4. check the printer nozzle ink phenomenon and ink cartridge is not short.      

5. photo machine color and computer color management, printing media and other factors. Current industry solution is to hire professional color management personnel for color comparison, adjustment, but this practice not only takes a lot of time, and labor costs.