Photo machine nozzle bubble Maintenance Tips

- May 27, 2020-

We use the photo machine to print. We need to know a lot of basic knowledge. In this way, we can avoid these problems in the use process and wait for the after-sale of the machine to deal with them. We waste a lot of time and can't catch up with the goods. Here are some small knowledge shared with you.

1. Insufficient ink supply -- there are bubbles in the ink pipe of the nozzle; the liquid level of the ink cartridge is low; the room temperature is low, and the ink viscosity is large; the atmospheric pressure is low, and the ceramic shock suction is insufficient; the nozzle is blocked.

2. Ink cut off - the ink pipe enters the air and the liquid pump does not supply ink; the filter is blocked and the ink cartridge does not ink; the screen concentration is too high; the temperature is low; the ink viscosity is high and the fluidity is low; the nozzle is blocked; the data signal of the nozzle is faulty.

3. Crash - the computer is not set correctly; the computer has a virus and the system is not running fast enough; the static electricity is too high, causing damage to electronic devices, such as burning the nozzle or the main board, affecting data transmission.

4. Canvas skew - there is no alignment when hanging cloth. The pressure of the paper roller is uneven, and there is a problem with the material.

5. Ink cartridge overflows - float switch is damaged. It is also possible that the power supply line is faulty or the ink supply circuit board is faulty. The waste ink cartridge is full.

6. Ink drop: high ink cartridge liquid level; low ink viscosity; scattering of nozzle; surface pollution of nozzle.

7. Vertical stripe - readjust the guide rail and replace the slide; increase the humidity at room temperature; adjust the ink cartridge and increase the liquid level properly.