Photo machine ink cartridge maintenance method

- Dec 24, 2018-

Ink cartridge is a photo machine filled with ink equipment, so, the daily maintenance of ink cartridge is very important.

1. The vent. If the air hole is blocked, the outside air cannot enter the inside of the cartridge, resulting in the pressure inside the cartridge is less than the external pressure forming a negative pressure, so that the printer can not print a few lines, you will find that the nozzle does not spray ink, print head although moving back and forth, but still is a piece of white paper. Therefore, the blowhole of ink cartridge is an important respiratory organ to maintain the normal pressure balance of ink cartridge. The method of drilling and filling ink is easy to damage the pores and cause ink leakage, so it is not advisable.  

2. Clean the print head and nozzle test. The ink cartridge is installed on the photo machine. The printing head of the newly installed ink cartridge should be cleaned by using the function of cleaning the printing head in the machine or the driver of the photo machine, and then the nozzle is tested until it is satisfied.  

3. Remove nozzle blockage. If there is a blockage in the nozzle, first use the photo machine's cleaning function to flush the print head with ink, which usually solves minor blockage symptoms. If the blockage is very serious, most of the time you can use clean warm water to soak the print head, pay attention not to soak the ink cartridge electrode.