Outdoor photo machine cleaning fluid how to use

- May 27, 2019-

Photo machine daily maintenance operation, maintenance staff will often use the photo machine cleaning fluid is how to use? What does it do?

Photo machine cleaning fluid, is usually used for the daily maintenance of photo machine, such as nozzle and ink cleaning maintenance. Cleaning liquid is a kind of detergent according to the characteristics of the ink, the main function is to have a strong scouring ability, solubility, so that the ink in the pipeline smooth better. In particular, oil ink or weak solvent ink this type of outdoor photo machine, for the use of cleaning fluid is very necessary.

Pictorial printer daily maintenance nozzle or cleaning nozzle is essential is the nozzle cleaning liquid, nozzle cleaning liquid is mainly for the nozzle cleaning effect, so as to avoid blocking nozzle, prolong the life of the nozzle. For example, if the printer nozzle plug is very serious, through the ordinary machine cleaning function of the ink cleaning can not be solved, can be used to manually remove the nozzle, manual cleaning nozzle operation, let the nozzle in the nozzle cleaning liquid soaked for 10 minutes, (note that the nozzle nozzle part of the soaking, not the whole nozzle soaking). This has a certain effect on the cleaning effect, that is, the nozzle print nozzle soaking method cleaning operation.

Another method is that the nozzle cleaning fluid filling ink cleaning, use the ink extractor sets of soft rubber hose, such as soft refill tube, refill tube a connecting nozzle head, a head of connection filling ink, take note cleaning fluid to clean nozzle stamping. Cleaning had better not installed immediately after use, can be placed on for a few more hours, for example, avoid because of print heads into the water or other and cause damage to print head or the mainboard.

In fact, cleaning fluid is not only used for the nozzle, there are other applications in the photo machine daily maintenance maintenance role, such as usually we accidentally ink on the ground or other places, can also be used for cleaning fluid. However, the cleaning solution has a certain corrosive, can not be used to clean clothes on the ink stains. So, if you accidentally get ink on the machine, or other corrosion resistant things, you can use the cleaning fluid to clean.