Matters needing attention when replacing printer head

- Sep 01, 2018-

1. First of all, once the sprinkler into the water, you do not dry on the machine power, light burning plate, heavy burning head, secondly, our shop sold sprinklers, are strictly tested before shipment, and played with a protective fluid, you inject water into the head with a needle, not only washed away the head of the protective fluid, but also because the pressure of the hands is too high, easy Cause the nozzle gas blockage, resulting in no ink, even cracking the diaphragm. Please be careful not to use your syringe for water.

2., the head of the sprinkler is very fragile. It must not be knocked. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, and the inner layer is coated with crystal oscillators and very small ink tubes. A bump will be concave, deformed or even broken, and the nozzle will be scrapped.

3. be careful when installing sprinklers. Be sure to cut off electricity and put them in place. After installation, push the car around with your hand to check whether it is smooth, do not install it on the power, because if the head is not in place, the car is easy to smash the head, and the hands feel, free to put, controllable.

4. Do not take ink when connecting the plug and cable, and make sure that contact with the socket is good, do not touch the foot, otherwise, it will cause a short-circuit burning nozzle.

5. Steel shaft should also be clean and smooth, can use paper towel sticky point lubricant wipe, do not directly to the shaft oil, excess oil will flow to the nozzle, causing damage.

6. Machinery, circuit are all correct, it is necessary to test the waterway, first to see the ink cartridge in the water is insufficient; secondly, check the small cleaning scraper, ink pump is dirty.

7. There will be air in the nozzle just installed, so it won't print right away. Only when the air in the head is completely discharged can the line come out normally. First of all, it can be cleaned intermittently (only 2 times at a time, and then stop for 30 minutes and then cleaned twice) for many times without stopping. This will cause ink accumulation in the cleaning pump, not only will it be. Make printing mix color, ink leak, but also waste ink; Secondly, can print more pictures, so that the nozzle in the work of air; Third, if the machine has been drawn out of the waste ink tube, can first power off, then with a needle barrel covered with a rubber tube to extract waste ink until the extraction of 3-5 ML ink, and then start the machine, with the machine normal cleaning one. Secondly, this is equivalent to artificially pumping the air out of the head, the side effect is easy to cause wash pump ink.