Market advantage analysis of UV flat panel printer

- Mar 11, 2019-

Now the market demand more personalized, small batch, high precision, green environmental protection, high efficiency has become the fashion needs. UV flat-panel printers print is digital through various means, such as scanners, digital cameras, such as the image input to the computer, through image processing software processing after forming the required pattern, again by special RIP software control UV flat-panel printers, UV ink jet printing directly to a variety of products, after processing, to obtain the products with high precision design. Get rid of the traditional screen printing separations, production, network of a series of complex operations, with simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low investment, high return advantages, to the printing industry has brought unprecedented opportunities for development. Today's personalized market, UV flat - panel printer is how to achieve, and what kind of market advantage? Below, we will make a simple analysis:

  1. UV flat panel printer meets personalized needs

Maximum limit to meet people's personalized needs, for the majority of designers, can give full play to creative talent, design samples can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, the effect on the computer, is the result of the finished product, after customer satisfaction can be made directly.

2, UV plate printer color is not limited

Do not need to make screen, save a lot of time; Pattern design and change can be carried out on the computer screen, color matching can be carried out with the mouse; There is no cost for making the screen; Reduced time and saved printing materials; Reduced labor costs.

3, UV flat plate printer response speed, shorten the working cycle

In the past, a product from the design, proofing to delivery needs a few days or even dozens of days, but the application of UV printing technology 1~2 hours to get the finished product, and the production volume is not limited, the real realization of small batch, variety, high efficiency of the production process. Short process, after printing is finished, do not need to steam, washing and other post-treatment process; Flexibility, customers select the scheme can be printed in a short time.

4, UV plate printer green environmental protection, reduce pollution

No water, no sewage, UV flat panel printer controlled by the computer, as required inkjet, neither waste, no waste water pollution, no noise in the printing process. Realize the green production process without pollution.

5. UV flat panel printer features rich colors and clear and lifelike images

Traditional screen printing more than 10 color is very difficult, UV flat printing color rich, whether it is full color patterns, gradient printing is easy to achieve color photo-level effect. Greatly expanded the product design space, promoted the product grade. UV printing patterns fine, rich and clear levels, high artistic, three-dimensional sense, and can print photography and painting style patterns.

6. UV flat panel printer can print relief with strong stereoscopic effect and comfortable hand feeling

The use of white ink can be printed with relief effect of the image, so that the color printing pattern lifelike, but also let the designer have more space to play, more importantly, the printing process is not troublesome, and the household printer, a forming, that is, dry, is incomparable to the ordinary production technology.

Visible UV flat panel printer future development space is infinite! More information to the printing community communication!