Maintenance of Epson DX5 Printhead

- Mar 23, 2020-

At present, the fifth generation of Epson nozzle is used in most of the domestic piezoelectrics. For the daily maintenance and repair of the domestic piezoelectrics, the maintenance of the nozzle is very important. Its price is relatively high, which can be said to be the most expensive part of the piezoelectrics.  

In the daily maintenance of the nozzle of the photo machine, if the nozzle is blocked, the nozzle needs to be cleaned. The cleaning method is as follows: cleaning method of Epson piezoelectric nozzle:

1. Self cleaning of the printhead of the photo machine: it can be automatically cleaned through the maintenance function of the photo machine.    

2. Ink extraction and cleaning: when the ink truck is in the initial position, use the syringe and hose to connect with the waste ink pipe to extract about 5ml of ink (pay attention not to let the inner cylinder of the syringe rebound during the ink extraction process, which will cause the color mixing phenomenon of each nozzle). In the process of ink extraction, if the nozzle protector is not tightly sealed, use a light ink transfer truck to ensure that the nozzle and nozzle protector are in good condition Seal up. Wash the software after ink extraction.    

3. Injection and extraction cleaning: remove the ink truck, pull off the ink bag, connect the syringe with cleaning solution to the ink column of the nozzle, push and pump back with appropriate pressure, and spray the complete fine line vertically to the nozzle.    

4. Print cleaning: use "printhead cleaner" to replace the ink with clogged printhead. Use vector graphics software to print the color block until the clogged nozzle is removed and replace the original ink. Maintenance method of Epson piezoelectric nozzle:

If you need to maintain the nozzle professionally when the photorealistic unit is idle for a long time, the following are the maintenance methods and steps:

1. Remove the printhead from the printer according to the correct method and clean the residual ink stains; 2. Thoroughly clean the nozzle with nozzle cleaner; 3. Inject special nozzle maintenance agent into each ink column of the nozzle;