Keep good ventilation in the work place of the photo machine

- Dec 31, 2019-

In the production workshop of photo machine, we can easily feel a strong smell. This is because the ink from the photo machine is volatile and easy to produce some smell, especially the use of oily ink, which produces a greater smell. Although environmental protection is advocated now, there are different chemical components of ink The same, so the smell problem can not be avoided. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep good ventilation in the working space of the photo machine. The ink smell gathered in the space can be solved through the circulation of air.  

On the other hand, if the working environment of the photo machine is not well ventilated, in addition to the smell generated by ink, there are also smells of various printing media, such as spray-painted cloth, related leather, oil painting cloth, non-woven cloth and other materials. For these newly opened rolls of paper, there will be some different smells, which makes people feel that the smell is particularly strong, especially for the small advertising companies now If the house area is not very large, customers can feel a pungent smell when entering the house, which will make customers dislike! In this regard, the manufacturer of Wuteng photo machine in Shenzhen suggests that you can use the following methods to provide better ventilation for your photo machine working environment, especially for the users of many small advertising companies and advertising stores, if the area of the photo machine working place is not large, you can improve this scheme.  

If the working environment is not well ventilated, large fans or related air conditioning equipment can be used to achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling, so as to keep the camera in the best working state. Ventilation can further eliminate the ink smell in the working space, especially when the outdoor photo machine is drawing, it is no longer affected by the smell of outdoor ink, and the staff can also maintain the best working condition. However, this scheme is easy to consume more electricity and is not very environmentally friendly. At the same time, do not put the fan or air conditioning equipment on the photo machine in the photo printing and output work of the photo machine. If the wind force is too large, it will also affect the photo drawing of the photo machine.  

2、 Now there are also many advertising companies or advertising stores. Due to the limitation of the size of the workplace, if you design and paint machine together, the area is small. At this time, it is recommended to install exhaust fan in the workplace space, so that these smells can be discharged through the fan, especially when the photo machine is turned on for printing, the effect is better, and a small exhaust fan is not expensive And it's very practical.  

The above two simple solutions can not only easily solve the odor problem, make your photo machine workplace maintain good ventilation, but also give you a healthy working environment.