JPG Pictures Appear Black Line Fault Reasons By Eco Solvent Printer

- Jan 14, 2019-

When the piezoelectric photo machine prints JPG pictures, there is a black line fault. Through the analysis of technical staff of leicai photo machine factory, it is mainly divided into hardware problems and software problems:

One: software problems

1. Check whether there is a black line in the design of JPG icon, because the small one is not obvious and the large one has a large proportion, which is relatively obvious, so this problem will occur; You can print and enlarge the image, and check the position where the relative black line appears to see if the black line was added by mistake during the design of the image. If it exists, please remove it and save the JPG image output for printing again.    

2. The computer operating system is infected with malicious programs, resulting in the abnormal operation of pictorial software such as "montage", and there will be errors and deviations in the printing of images. The easy way to solve this problem is to redo the system and reinstall the painting software;    

3. Photo machine use relevant pirated cracked software, such as the trial version or cracked version of montae software may have these problems, please replace the authorized version of montae software printing;

Two: the hardware problem

1. The problem of data transmission between the computer host and the pictograph machine, check whether the connection of the data cable socket is intact, and whether it is loose, resulting in bad contact. Whether the data layout between the circuit boards is in poor contact or not, such as the data connection between the small car board and the main board. After closing the photo machine, disassemble the photo machine main machine shell, pull out the small car board with a rubber wipe clean and insert back in place; Check whether the output data line has worn out the outer insulation skin, and replace it as soon as it is broken. Make sure the surface of the data line is clean and dry, and then print the test.    

2. Ink jet nozzle. Users with conditions can replace the spare nozzle test, or the nozzle is cleaned before printing test; 3. Electrostatic causes and unstable ambient voltage of the photo machine. For example, the weather, temperature, humidity and so on will have an impact on the precision instrument photo machine, dry environment photo machine printing easy to produce static electricity, static electricity will affect the printing; Or it is the fault caused by the unstable power supply voltage in the working environment where the pictorial machine is located. It is suggested that users configure the power supply voltage stabilizer for the pictorial machine to ensure the normal printing of the pictorial machine and better protect the use of the pictorial machine.