It's not hard to keep the color of outdoor advertisements

- Oct 21, 2019-

No matter how beautiful the picture will fade with the passage of time, how can we keep the outdoor advertising painting picture permanent and durable?

I. use high-performance ink-jet printing equipment with good outdoor compatibility

For the production of advertising inkjet picture, piezoelectric photo machine is the first choice of inkjet printing equipment. Nowadays, the large-scale inkjet printing equipment develops very fast, and the technology changes with each passing day. All kinds of multifunctional and multi-application high-performance photo machines are constantly launched into the market. Using the high-performance century wind outdoor photo machine to print, you can quickly and smoothly complete the large-scale advertising print screen. At the same time, it can ensure better screen color printing, high color reduction, and better compatibility of outdoor media and ink.  

II. Select high-quality printing media materials for outdoor photo machine

The right choice of high-quality outdoor photo machine printing media, for example, in the use of outdoor spray painting cloth, choose the spray painting cloth that matches with ink and has good stretching performance. If the strength of the silk in the spray painting cloth is not enough and the structure is not good, under the influence of wind and sand or other external factors, the outer surface of the cloth may also be damaged, torn or deformed. For the ink-jet printing color on the ink-jet printing cloth, it may also be easy to peel off from the base cloth, unable to keep the color of the outdoor ink-jet advertising screen durable.  

3. Pay attention to the influence of different outdoor environment and natural factors on the color of advertising picture

Beautiful spray painting products are easy to be damaged by sun, rain and other factors. How to make beautiful spray painting products not easy to be damaged by sun and rain? Pay attention to temperature difference, UV, rain and sand, dust and environmental pollution, and human graffiti and damage. So we should pay attention to the protection for outdoor advertising display. For example, in the aspect of temperature difference prevention, if the image is in the temperature environment of 100 ℃ or 0 ℃ for a long time, special attention should be paid to the processing. If the temperature is too low, the image will crack. If the temperature is too hot, the image will be covered, peeled off or softened, and the image will be blurred. In the operation of UV and rain protection, we can use laminating or over gluing. The chemicals or UV absorbers on the laminating can prolong the image life by several times. The image color can be more durable and not easy to fade.