It's getting cold. Notes on using the photo machine

- Oct 28, 2019-

In the cold weather and climate in winter, it is easy to affect the normal printing of the photo machine. Therefore, for the cold and cold weather in winter, the use of the photo machine should pay attention to the following matters.    

1: keep the working temperature of the realistic machine between 15-30 degrees (the temperature of the normal use of the realistic machine). If there is heating, you can turn on heating equipment such as heating or electric heating, and adjust the temperature of the normal studio of the realistic machine. 2: when the photo machine is turned on, it needs to preheat before printing and automatically clean the nozzle before printing.    

3: the photo machine must be well grounded and anti-static. The most basic thing is to do a good job of grounding, to avoid the impact of static electricity on the use of the machine in low-temperature and dry weather, such as the flying ink fault caused by the impact of printing static electricity.    

4: properly store the paper media consumables. In winter, it is easy to be damp or too dry. If the humidity is too high, the picture is not easy to dry. The materials are easy to be damp, which will affect the printing effect and the post-processing of the picture. The long-term advertising output personnel all know that if the printed ink is not dry, the ink will have problems such as accumulation and smudge on the media.    

5: use the original ink of the photo machine, so as to better maintain the normal ink-jet printing of the machine, because the original ink of the photo machine manufacturer will match the more suitable ink weatherability, and have better fluency in different studio temperature, for example, the original ink of Wuteng glory series photo machine with high fluency is recommended. It should be noted that the poor quality ink will lead to the problem of plug, or the picture is rough, and its insufficient expressiveness in color saturation, brilliance and other aspects will directly affect the visual effect of the printout image.