It is very important to disassemble and assemble data cable

- May 06, 2019-

It is very important to use and maintain the printer properly, especially for the wide color inkjet printing equipment, the inking state, use and maintenance of the nozzle is very critical.    

The focus of the maintenance of piezoelectric photo machine is on the nozzle, if the nozzle out of the ink state is not good, directly affect the printing output of the entire photo machine, such as the common nozzle plug, printing ink, printing color, printing graphics appear blank lines, image color, mixed ink, etc.. Therefore, for the operator of the photo machine, it is very important to pay attention to the print status of the nozzle, at the same time, the daily maintenance of the photo machine nozzle is a regular operation, one of the operations here is about the installation of the nozzle operation.    

The sprinkler head is fixed on the photo machine trolley. The sprinkler head and the small car board are connected through the sprinkler head data cable. The disassembly and installation of the sprinkler head are operated. For example, laitu photo machine spray nozzle disassembly and assembly operation, first of all, in the photo off the power supply to operate without electricity! When connecting and installing the data line with the sprinkler head, please pay attention to check whether the thread head of the sprinkler head has upturned stitches and is smooth. It is better to use the new inserting line and insert it on the sprinkler head with the inserting line firmly without any inclination.

Nozzle data line on both sides of the general points of contact, contact circuit side, the other side does not contact circuit, data line not to wrong direction, not to the wrong front and the back, in a nutshell, plug the plug wrong cause boot burning nozzle, so, good before disassembling nozzle cable marker, avoid wrong or plugged into the interface, plug must check a few times more, after confirm there is no longer any question the nozzle is installed in the car on the shelf, check again after all installed, make sure no any problem to open after power test nozzle print, print nozzle test, check the nozzle print status.    

In addition, the bending and repeated dialing and plugging of the nozzle data line may easily lead to the fracture of the nozzle data line, the edge lifting at the contact point of the data line connector, and the ink sticking. In this case, it is suggested to replace the new nozzle data line for connection to avoid the bad connection and contact of the nozzle caused by the old data line, which will have an impact on the printout of the photo writer.