It is important to choose several key items of wide piezoelectric photo machine

- Nov 05, 2019-

How to choose a suitable cost-effective wide range photo machine has always been the focus of users, especially in today's many photo machine brands, many models of multi-choice conditions, how to choose the favorite photo machine    

I. selection of width size of photo machine

For the daily application of advertising inkjet printing, 1.6m and 1.8m models are used more. On the other hand, the daily advertising spray painting production shop will also limit the required machine floor area due to the size of the space, so there are certain requirements for too wide models, users can choose the size of the photo machine according to the actual needs  

II. Selection of type and number of nozzles

At present, most of the domestic common brand photo machines are used as Epson series sprayers, such as tx800 new five generation, DX5 five generation, 5113 sprayers, 4720 sprayers, etc. there are single and double sprayers and multiple sprayers. The performance and price of different sprayer types are also different. Users can choose according to the relevant sprayer types

III. select famous brand and well-known photo machine

It is suggested that users should carefully compare and consider when purchasing a photo machine. It is suggested that users choose a famous and well-known brand of photo machine. After all, excellent product performance and leading product technology are the guarantee of brand and quality. Well known brand photo machine represents deep technology, continuously upgraded products and sound services    

IV. select manufacturers and brands with good after-sales service

In fact, today's products, what we buy is a kind of service. High quality product service is the real demand of users. For ordinary users, if they are not proficient in the use and maintenance technology, they do not have the ability to repair by themselves, which is also a key issue. Therefore, good after-sales service and technical support for the user is very important.    

V: comprehensive measurement and selection of cost-effective photo machine

Under the same market conditions, by comprehensive measurement, the best choice is to choose a cost-effective photo machine, which can bring you less investment cost.