Is the inkjet printer carriage assembly slower the better?

- Sep 15, 2020-

When many friends use the photo machine to draw pictures, sometimes they will ask the question: is the slower the car moves, the better? Why is there such a problem? Because when the car runs slowly, the drawing effect will be better. Therefore, many friends think that the slower the car speed, the better. However, the slower the speed is, the better the printing effect is, and the load on the nozzle and motor is also small. However, if the car speed is too slow, the printing speed will be too slow. Therefore, you can adjust a suitable speed according to the performance of your camera and the needs of customers. Generally, the speed of the car is adjusted to 8, because the speed is too slow and this speed is played out The effect of the difference is very small, so there is no need to adjust too slow, if it is too slow, so printing is also very time-consuming and labor-consuming.