Installation and use of maintop software in domestic photo machine

- Oct 20, 2020-

Maintop software is a very important typesetting software in the application of domestic photo machine. Incorrect installation or unreasonable parameter setting will lead to poor printing effect and affect the viewing degree. In the process of inkjet printing, users will often encounter some common problems.  


1 Installation skills and pre installation computer settings of Maintop software


Before installing the maintop software, please check the integrity of the CD-ROM data, and also check the USB dongle device that is supported by the USB dongle device. Users only need to put the CD into the CD-ROM drive of the computer, open the CD-ROM and find setup for installation. If the auto play setting is enabled, the maintop installation interface will be automatically displayed when the CD is put into the driver. The user only needs to guide the installation according to the operation instructions. In addition, it should be noted that since the security anti-virus software installed on the online computer often intercepts or deletes the maintopl installation files, if such problems are encountered during the installation process, the user can click to allow the Maintopgne level to run and install, or perform temporary exit protection for the relevant security anti-virus software before installing the maintopl software. Please try not to change the default installation path and the default system disk installation when installing the maintop software, so as to avoid the unknown use failure in the installation and use.  


2 Common problems in using maintop software


Maintop software can not be started, or there is an error prompt when starting. When encountering problems such as no response of the program, card screen and slow in the process of using maintop software, you can check whether it is normal from the aspects of computer system, software problems, file loss, incorrect installation, or incorrect operation or setting of maintopl software in use.  




1. Software problems, mainly consider whether there is anti-virus software to prevent maintop from starting. Or other file software incompatibility problems. Then, to re install maintop, you must first completely uninstall the maintop software, delete the folder of the installation directory, and then re install maintop.  


2. The problem of file loss mainly concerns whether the file being executed is missing or abnormal. 3. If the installation is not correct, it is mainly to consider whether the installation of maintop is carried out step by step. You can try to install it again.  


4. In terms of computer system, the main consideration is whether the system is compatible, because there are many versions of our operating system at present. We can replace the system or the computer, and then re install maintop.  


5. Montage setting problem, you can check whether the montage setting is normal.