Ink selection and ink consumption per square meter

- Sep 28, 2020-

Ink is closely related to the photo machine. If the ink is selected incorrectly, it will not only affect the image quality and color effect of the relevant inkjet printing output, but also easily damage the nozzle, and even make the nozzle scrapped seriously, which will greatly affect the service life of the camera and cause irreparable loss.

Therefore, when selecting ink, we must choose the matching ink of the original manufacturer's photo machine, so that the produced picture has no peculiar smell, is relatively safe and at ease, and the loss of the machine is relatively small, and there is little blocking phenomenon. Do not covet cheap and choose other brand or unknown ink, choose ink to be careful, reasonable use.    

There is also a consideration about the production cost, that is, how much ink is consumed by the piezoelectric photo printer we use.    

So, how many milliliters of ink per square meter does the piezoelectric photo machine consume? Because the ink loss of inkjet printing is more or less is also the embodiment of inkjet production cost, I believe this problem is a problem many friends want to know. In general, if it is 80% of the color coverage, printing a square meter about 10-15 ml. In fact, the ink consumption per square meter of the piezoelectric photo machine is related to the color coverage and the selected print quality. For example, when using the same photo printer to print the same image, if 1440dpi and 720dpi are used to print respectively, the ink consumption is also different. The higher the printing accuracy, the higher the ink consumption.

For example, 4pass and 6pass have less ink consumption and faster printing speed, but the printing accuracy and color effect are not as good as 6pass.  

Therefore, if we consider the cost of ink-jet printing and production time, we can ink-jet print the pass settings related to the photo machine on demand. At the same time, in the daily advertising inkjet printing, Wuteng glory series piezoelectric photo machine can provide you with faster printing speed, better stability, more precise printing accuracy, better ink-saving printing, save costs and improve the production efficiency of inkjet printing.