How to solve the problem of dark and light stripes when drawing pictures

- Oct 31, 2018-

How to solve the problem of dark and light stripes when drawing pictures:

1. the printhead of the camera is very small, so the dust in the air can easily plug the printhead , so daily attention must be paid to keep the environment clean.

2. the printhead  is the most important part of the internal structure of the machine, in the use of the machine in the process of collision and vibration must be avoided. 

3. it is difficult to work in a high-temperature environment. At the same time, the temperature difference in the working environment of the pictorial machine is not too large, the temperature changes too fast, and it is easy to cause the wear of mechanical parts. In addition, it may cause the change of slim nozzle aperture size, thus affecting the printing quality.

4. the image quality produced by the pictorial machine depends largely on the ink quality, which also affects the service life of the printhead . So it's best to use original ink. high-quality ink cartridges, non-quality ink cartridges will cause printhead blockage, affecting the quality of printing.

6.avoid printhead blockage, the pictorial captain time does not need, should store the ink cartridge in the black box.

7. Slight blockage may be caused by the lack of strokes or color, or the blurring of the image at high resolution. Use the printhead provided by the camera as early as possible for cleaning.