How to solve it when there is a string of ink

- Nov 05, 2018-

The mixed color fault in the inkjet printing machine is usually mostly caused by the printing machine string ink fault, which is simply that the image will have mixed color when printing. Different colors and colors will be mixed together, which affects the image picture, color deviation and color doping other colors. String ink is also a phenomenon that often occurs in the photo machine. It is easy to lead to the following lines:

1. Failure of ink damper of photo machine

The air leakage of the ink damper and ink tube will lead to the ink-feeding system into the air, resulting in negative pressure, ink reflux, resulting in mixed color, color circumstances, it is recommended to replace the ink cartridge.  

2. Ink stacking and scraping fault

If the painting machine blade aging, ink stack absorption function is not good, ink stack cap is used for too long will be easy to have variegated, at this time, the need to clean the blade, more replacement nozzle blade, ink stack.  

3. Negative pressure effect of ink supply system

The string ink is often produced by the negative pressure of the ink supply system, and can be checked by the relevant pipelines of the ink supply system, one-way valve switch, whether ink reflux or not.  

All the above three users can check, and eliminate the problem of printing string ink of the printer. It is suggested that the user should test the printing bar of the printer before printing, and check whether the printing is normal. Automatic cleaning of the printer nozzle is carried out two or three times. If there are still variegated colors, it is recommended to use 100 yellow, 100 red and 100 blue color blocks. The printing test is about one meter.