How to solve it when piezoelectric photo machine appear burr

- Oct 15, 2018-

When the photo machine output the image, sometimes will encounter the printing image has the rough edge, the edge is not clear effect, so the printed image will greatly affect the quality of the image, what is the cause of this fault? How do we solve it? Let's share it with you. For the rough edges, it is usually as follows:

1. The print head of the photo machine is too dirty. Sometimes debris is formed due to the bonding of residual ink and dust, which stains the nozzle.

2. It may spray the drawing too fast. You can slow down the current speed, or put some oil on the guide rail.

3. There are also problems of paper quality or ink quality. Sometimes, the quality of paper and other media is not good.

4. The influence of climate, for example, the temperature in the work room is too high or too low, humidity is different, ink fluidity is different from dryness, which also causes this problem.