How to save the nozzle of the piezoelectric photo machine

- Oct 29, 2018-

1. If there is not much thing at ordinary times, the client can ask the printer to put the print head on the machine. As long as the painting is done with some alcohol-based paper (it is better not to lose the hair), the crystal of the sprinkler head can be wiped off, and it can be sucked with an ink absorber.

2. If the work is not done for a few days, or you know that it is not alive for several days, and you are afraid that the shower nozzle will age, it is recommended to remove the photo machine from the machine. Make sure the user sticks the blue ribbon back to the nozzle and doesn't let the spray head get in the sun. Clean sprinkler head add a little water can solve general paste head, such as ink plug phenomenon.

The ground wire must be connected! The right way to ground wire: connect the pictorial machine metal fuselage of ground wire (copper wire, the diameter of 4 mm) connected to the 1.5 2 m deep underground, the surrounding water, salt water is separated from the computer ground earthing, don't put the computer in the photo on the ground, through pictorial machine grounding, such computer case power leakage or discharge will damage the pictorial machine electrical accessories or nozzle. There are many advantages of grounding line, for example, to prevent the photographic machine sprinkler ink, to prevent the car suddenly suspended problems.