How to remedy the solvent printer with the wrong ink

- Feb 25, 2019-

 solvent printer users should know, in daily work,  solvent printer is prohibited to mix with different properties of the ink, because the oily ink and water-based ink once mixed will generate precipitation, resulting in the precipitation in the ink road, thereby blocking the ink road system or photo machine nozzle, causing unnecessary losses.

So once the user accidentally add the wrong solvent printer  ink, how to deal with?

First ,you must immediately stop pictorial  solvent printer work, and then according to the following points for processing:

  1. If the ink has just been added to the cartridge and has not yet entered the ink supply road, then you only need to replace a new cartridge. Do not be too convenient, and continue to use the cartridge after cleaning, because the cartridge wall and bottom are very likely to have ink residue.

   2, if the ink has entered the ink supply ink road, you need to clean the entire ink road, at the same          time to replace the corresponding ink sac. If not clean up the need to replace the whole ink                supply system.

   3, if the cleaning function has been turned on, then the ink has entered the nozzle, then need to            immediately take off the nozzle, with the nozzle cleaning liquid cleaning nozzle, to the ink all              possible discharge.

Do you know? Make sure you don't add the wrong ink to your daily work, so you won't waste time, energy or money.