How to reduce the picture mosaic error of photo machine

- Dec 30, 2020-

Photo machine can now make a larger picture, but there are still some pictures that are bigger or for other reasons. If you can't print them at one time with photo machine, you need to use splicing method. But some users think that there will be errors when splicing, in fact, this error will exist, this problem can not be avoided, but we can try to reduce the error! Here are two ways to reduce the error of splicing.

Method 1: after a picture cutter, print the first one first, and the first one can be printed in the normal way. The main thing is that the second sheet can not be printed in the conventional way when printing the second sheet. When printing the second sheet, the picture must be rotated 180 ° and printed from the end, which can reduce a lot of errors.

Method 2: this method is based on drawing software. We first export the format into TIF or JPG, and then import it into Photoshop software for cutting. It should be noted that 1-2cm overlapping area should be reserved during cutting. Of course, if seamless splicing is required, smaller area is needed. In addition, we must avoid cutting words. It is very difficult to match words.

If we notice some problems, we can also try our best to avoid errors. For example, the spliced pictures are all made of the same specification paper, and the pictures are printed immediately after the last picture is finished. In this way, the color difference can also be avoided, and the splicing is more like a picture.