How to protect the photo machine from moisture in rainy season

- Dec 30, 2018-

Typhoon transit, many areas are affected by rain, photo machine working environment in the humidity rise, may lead to a series of machine failures. Therefore, leicai photo machine manufacturers remind users:

1, piezoelectric photo machine work indoor must pay attention to close good doors and Windows, avoid rain into the indoor, wet photo machine, because the photo machine internal board card accessories are very easy to be damp corrosion, even due to the humidity caused by short circuit, burn down the board card nozzle.

2. Use air dehumidifier in places with serious damp, which can effectively dehumidify.

3, air humidity will lead to the photo machine output screen drying slow, it is recommended that users work on the photo machine printing heating function or external drying machine, appropriate slowing down the printing speed is also conducive to screen drying.