How to properly install the ink cartridge of the outdoor ink tank

- Sep 01, 2018-

Spray-painting machine makes full use of the advantages of electronics, manipulation, chemical and other occupations, so that the traditional manufacturing methods can not be compared with it, bright colors, long shelf life, free from width and batch constraints, manufacturing methods diversification, low cost, short manufacturing cycle. So a few years after the introduction of the jet printer, it has become popular everywhere, and the nozzle installation of the normal method and precautions - nozzle detection normal, but the printing has been broken the reason, if you carefully observe the nozzle detection drawings, it is not difficult to find that some of the drawings are out of tune, this is caused by the deflection of the print head, call the use of things in the fight The printing head is calibrated once or several times until the print head is calibrated.

It is necessary to remove the stomatal seal in accordance with the stated instructions when replacing the ink cartridge device in the inkjet drawing, but do not remove other seals at will, otherwise the ink will leak out. At the same time, even if there is ink in other nozzles, the photo machine can not work. Once the new nozzle drops off, it is best not to take it off before replacing the nozzle. Unless the nozzle is replaced, do not open the nozzle maintenance clip, otherwise the nozzle can not be used, do not put your hand into the photo machine or contact the nozzle when the photo machine is working.