How to Maintain UV Flat Printer in Summer

- Sep 09, 2019-

Summer is accompanied by high temperature and humid weather, UV flat-panel printer in daily use and maintenance, different seasons have different maintenance methods, hot weather in summer, need more maintenance operations:

1. Indoor temperature control, placed in a cool, backlit corner, to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight to the equipment, you can use high-power exhaust fan or water-cooled fan to cool down. The suitable indoor temperature is 15 ~35 C and humidity is 25%~70%.

2. If the equipment is powered off and moisturized for a long time, you can choose to moisturize it by power off and move the sprinkler in the place of moisturizing ink stack. Don't let the machine stand by, so the temperature will rise, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the equipment.

3. After starting the daily equipment, first lay down the test strip to check the status of the sprinkler and whether it is blocked. If the temperature is too high in summer, the UV ink is easy to dry. If the printed test strip appears short line and wire drawing phenomenon, the sprinkler should be cleaned.  

4. It is very important to keep the cleaning equipment clean in key positions such as nose, guide rail and grating strip, so as to avoid the accumulation of dust and dust particles.