How to maintain and maintain inkjet printers

- Aug 31, 2018-

First, form a good habit of shutting down.

Household inkjet printers usually have simple boards, usually with only one or two buttons, some even without. The functions of these buttons are nothing more than switching on and off the power supply or starting the print self-check step (there are also some home inkjet printers with more than three buttons to provide more functions). Over a long period of time, many users begin to lazy, often lazy to press the power button to close the printer, either directly unplug the power plug, or turn off the plugboard switch. This is often harmful and unhelpful. After normal shutdown, the machine will automatically reset the print head and put on a "cap" for the cartridge to prevent ink evaporation loss. And the use of power plugs, such as the "forced" shutdown mode, the print head is often too late to reset, the top can not cover the cartridge. Therefore, it is very easy to cause printing head positioning fault, ink is also easy to volatile loss, thickening ink may also block the printing nozzle. The result is that the ink cartridge life is shorter and the printer has more chances to break down. Therefore, we must develop the right habit of shutting down.

Two, Tianjin inkjet printer does not use poor quality printing paper.

For cost reasons, many households usually do not choose expensive special inkjet printing paper, but usually use photocopy paper instead. This is not impossible, but must choose the quality of the copy paper, paper should be dense, high gloss, do not carry too much paper powder. Among them, poor quality copy paper because of its loose paper, rough surface, will wear the printer head seriously, thus reducing the life of the printer.