How to do when the piezoelectric photo machine can't detect the paper

- Jan 07, 2019-

1. Error when starting up

Shutdown CD voit o/r ange(l:111 to r: 0 T:11100)

Solution: focus on checking the motor or flat data cable

2. Internal ERROR Shutdown Bad carriage paper sensor

Solution: three possible, paper or decryption card, or data line. The data line should be damaged in the process of moving. Focus on the paper detector, grating and small car plate

3. Power on and start normally. Enter the print test strip and move the trolley to the edge of the paper

Shutdown Bad magio pid:37(\astp value=0 1100f,0 fff3f4

Solution: check the paper sensor, flat data line, raster bar, if all right, directly replace the small car plate

4. The car will get stuck when it runs to the left and back after starting up

Shutdown carriage axis failure

Solution: first in the guide rail of the machine to inject some oil, copper cover alcohol to wash or replace the copper cover; To see if the belt is rubbed, you can remove the pulley and reassemble; If the motor is ok, replace the raster tape. Cleaning strip

5. After the startup test paper is completed

Shutdown CB set-voltage failure (2,03ff.11100)

This error message should be sometimes reported and sometimes not reported, so it is rare. It will cause the sprinkler dripping ink, at the same time will put the sprinkler and the electric shock between the ink, easy to burn the electric shock belt, it is recommended to deal with

Solution: if you are familiar with disassembling the machine, you can remove the motherboard and data cable. Try cleaning the small car board after disassembling it, or change the small board. We can also take the following steps to troubleshoot:

1. Check whether the line of the paper detector is inserted properly. If the wiring is not properly inserted, the Internal ERROR shutdown Bad carriage paper senso will be prompted. At this time, check whether the connection with the car is correct.

2, may also be the photo machine has broken paper did not take out. This is a photo machine often encountered problems, as long as the excess paper to clear, you can run normally;

3. See if the sensor is dirty. If dirty can use a cotton swab stained with alcohol for cleaning, cleaning can be clean;

4. Whether the paper tester is installed correctly. You can take the meter off and reinstall it to see if it works.

5. Check whether the paper detector is burnt out. If the tester burns out, just replace it with a new one.