How to do when the ink is back

- Nov 19, 2018-

In the process of using the piezoelectric photo machine, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is backinking phenomenon, the backinking fault will have a great impact on the output of the printing, so when encountered with the reinking machine back inking failure to timely check the relevant ink supply pipeline and inking related accessories, to discover and troubleshoot the fault to solve.

The machine is a kind of inkjet printer, the return ink fault is also the common printing fault in daily use of the machine, once the ink back ink will affect the normal printing operation of the machine, affect the quality of the printing output image and color effect. The damage caused by the seemingly insignificant glitch is not trivial. Let's see how to solve the problem of backink.      

Generally, the problem of ink return of photo machine may be caused by the related problems of ink supply and ink transfer accessories and air pressure of ink supply pipe. For piezoelectric photo machine, the problem of ink return can be solved by referring to the following operations:

First, see if there are any leak pictorial machine cartridge status: under normal circumstances, the pictorial machine for refill tube there might be some air, but there are little air is normal phenomenon, but in order to prevent siphon effect and return, if there is a lot of air into the, can cause atmospheric pressure, resulting in ink sac backflow of ink, ink fault to appear write real machine.      

Second, check the ink cartridge leakage: ink cartridge leakage will also cause the same ink cartridge leakage, and this phenomenon is relatively common.      

Third, check whether the sealing and interface contact of the ink supply are airtight: loose connection of the ink supply can cause air to enter the ink supply system, causing ink reflux.      

Check the above accessories for ink supply and ink transit, and exclude them one by one. If the connection is not sealed, reconnect it to ensure that the seal does not leak. If the ink sac and ink pipe are broken or have holes, please replace them directly. In addition, can be installed in the ink line single valve switch and so on, in ordinary photo machine idle time can close single valve switch, further prevent ink reflux.