How to do when Printer ink cartridge product bubble

- Apr 22, 2019-

Photo machine even for the cartridge produced bubbles, often print pictures when part of the printing effect is not good, how to take even for the cartridge inside the bubble, because even for the cartridge inside the bubble caused by what?

The continuous ink supply system has been working normally for several months, and now it cannot be printed.

The cleaning command should be executed many times a day before normal printing.

Print test lines always have no fixed broken lines.

The test line that was just printed is normal, but it broke after several pages.

Print is always missing a color (usually black)

External cartridge has been placed in low position for a long time, now the ink line is not into the ink.

The above fault is caused by the ink bubble in the cartridge. After six months of continuous ink supply, a small amount of tiny air bubbles from the ink and a small amount of air bubbles from the print nozzle into the print cartridge accumulate, gradually foaming the ink. The maintenance method is not complicated. Just remove the foam and replace it with normal ink.

Incorrectly lowering the external cartridge will also accelerate the formation of the ink cavity foam, even if the original cartridge used for the continuous ink supply system, the same failure will occur.