How to clean the bottom of printer head

- Sep 01, 2018-

Wipe the bottom of the nozzle.

Use this program to clean the printhead with the nozzle at the bottom. You will manually move the printhead in a back and forth fold, wet wipes this program can remove the dirt (paper fibers) that can be built without the printhead cleaning cycle being deleted. Use this program in a controlled manner and know that it is the most market-ready tip because it can damage the printhead and if it does not properly invade. A dry tissue can actually scratch the print head and affect its function. In addition, if any residual abrasive builds up on the printhead, this skill can be a zero-head printhead or other solid material that is forced to puncture the nozzle piece, enclosing it forever. However, if you are careful and modest, it can be a very useful cleaning skill, especially in old printers, perhaps one that has never been sorted out, or one that has a long time on an unused time.

Get some paper towels and a glass of warm water or Windex bottle.

a. Press the corresponding button to move the print head to the left of the carriage. After that, the print head moves and the printer power cord is unplugged. If necessary, manually push the printhead to the far left of the printer.

b.Cut in half, paper towels, half of the towel, until the Gaza Strip is about 1" (2.5 cm) wide, about 8 inches long.

Advance printing when the black plastic folded paper towel strip travels back and forth under the printhead.

c. Moisten the left inch of the paper. Manually print the left side of the paper towel on the left side of the paper, try not to slide or drag the towel like you do.

Just a small portion of the tissue that you can see on the left side of the printhead, wet towel rest. Place a few drops along the long water or towel Windex to allow the liquid to disperse. The document should be thoroughly impacted but not supersaturated with the liquid.

Slip the towel back and forth across the printhead, be careful not to carry or tear the towel as you do. When you slide the print head, you will see the paper towel turn black. This is the nozzle that wipes the ink from the nozzle plate and the ink is pulled out through the capillary effect.

After two or three years, skip the paper towel, slide the print head to the far left, take out the towel, and replace it with a new one. The process below is above the center of gravity. Two towels are usually enough to eliminate most of the print head debris. The rated towel will continue to darken, but this is mainly due to the internal print head ink, which is sweaty through the capillary effect on the towel.

When you finish wiping the print head, remove the towel and use a clean, dull paper towel to organize any other black plastic in the liquid passage.

Puncture the printer and run one or two cleaning cycles to remove any fibers from the bottom of the remaining paper printhead. Then admit that you have a perfect nozzle to view the picture before printing.