How to choose photo machine ink in winter

- Dec 17, 2018-

Winter is a dry and cold season, especially in the indoor heating or air conditioning, the drying degree of the air is very large, this will affect the normal use of the photo machine, the phenomenon of flying ink. In this music color photo machine small make up for you to briefly introduce how to choose ink in order to let the photo machine in winter normal use.

Above all, should choose the ink that suits winter to use in respect of ink choose and buy, the proposal chooses manufacturer original outfit ink.

Secondly, we can use the method to control the ink temperature to control the ink activity, that is, the ink cartridge heating method, is to add a temperature control device at the secondary cartridge, some people simply add a light bulb at the bottom of the cartridge, the effect is also good. Finally, frequent maintenance of the photo machine nozzle, ink for volatile liquid, air drying volatile speed will accelerate, the photo machine nozzle surface ink will dry faster, resulting in nozzle blockage phenomenon.