How to choose ink

- May 16, 2020-

1. The acidity and alkalinity of the ink, for example, some of the metal parts of the ink will be corroded when contacting with the ink. It is recommended to use neutral acidity and alkalinity of the ink.      

2. Observe the fluidity of the ink, buy some trial ink and put it in the air, and observe whether there is serious particle problem for one month, then you can identify its fluidity.      

3. The surface tension of ink is also a factor. The better the fluidity of ink, the smaller the tension of ink and the finer the printed lines.      

4. Pay attention to the ink storage, and strictly control the indoor temperature and humidity. The minimum indoor temperature shall not be lower than 18 ℃, and the indoor humidity shall be controlled after the temperature of users in the south is increased. Excessive humidity will make the picture hard to dry, and the material easy to be affected by moisture, which will affect the printing effect and the post-processing of the picture.