How to choose a suitable photo machine

- May 20, 2019-

Piezoelectric photo machine in large format advertising color jet painting field is very common, if you are a new member of the advertising jet painting industry or are planning to buy a cost-effective photo machine, the following several recommendations can be referred to!

1: buy piezoelectric photo machine, buy water ink indoor photo machine or weak solvent ink outdoor photo machine?

Currently on the market of the common piezoelectric pictorial machine according to its basic use is divided into indoor photo machine with two types of outdoor photo machine, water-based ink indoor photo machine, use water-based ink, is used indoor layer of paper materials, indoor application usually not waterproof sunscreen, penhui printing image is suitable for indoor environment use; Outdoor photo machine, the user looks weak solvent ink, suitable for outdoor layer of paper material, the waterproof sunscreen, the characteristics of long time do not fade, can be applied to different outdoor environments, is also the user to select more types, so, in general, your photo when the choose and buy, sales staff will be first recommend outdoor photo machine for you! Therefore, the choose and buy photo machine you can according to your needs to choose and buy, if your daily business order is indoor, more is indoor the choose and buy water-based ink indoor photo machine, if more than print to print the outdoor, the choice of the outdoor photo machine, or conditional word, indoor outdoor photo machine can choose and buy at the same time, so that we can satisfy your different printing business requirements

2: how wide the purchase of piezoelectric photo machine?

Common on the market of pictorial machine width of 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 3.2 meters, 5 meters, etc., one of the mainstream model width of 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, such as lai figure 1902 b pictorial machine, lai figure 1902 s pictorial machine, are the mainstream of 1.8 meters width model, this model can meet the demand of the daily print to print, compatible with 1.6 m and the size of the print photo paper to print. Common inkjet printer material width is 0.914m, 1.07m, 1.27m, 1.37m, 1.52m, if other larger size, only use 3.2 meters and 5 meters model. In this warm reminder, the large width of the machine, the price may be more expensive, the general ordinary photo jet painting, 1.6 meters of the model can be completely satisfied, the large size of the screen can be used to cut printing post splicing way.

3: the application of the photo machine sprinkler head and the single sprinkler head multi-sprinkler head model selection?

At present, common piezoelectric pictorial machines on the market apply epson sprinkler head series: epson DX5 sprinkler head, epson DX7 sprinkler head, epson XP600 sprinkler head (also known as the new fifth generation head), epson 5113 sprinkler head. At present, the application technology of epson DX5 is relatively mature, and it is also the application of many domestic brand photo machines. With high precision and stable performance, it is recommended to be used! In addition, different manufacturers in the market photo machine model of a single nozzle, there are two nozzle models, there are a few more nozzle application models. The simplest comparison between a single-head model and a dual-head model is that the dual-head model prints faster than the single-head model, and the other accuracy and color are basically the same.