How many items have you got in the wrong printhead maintenance way?

- Apr 20, 2020-

In the maintenance of printhead, there are some wrong methods, especially some improper operation of printhead maintenance, which may directly damage the printhead, or cause more serious consequences. Due to some incorrect operation, the loss of the printhead is accelerated. How many of the following printhead operations are most likely to damage the printhead?    


1: During the maintenance of the photo machine, the disassembly and assembly printhead is powered on continuously


When the power supply is not completely turned off, the circuit of the photo machine can be installed or disassembled at will. This kind of wrong operation mode is easy to cause the short circuit of the relevant circuit, especially the printhead, which is more likely to cause the damage of the printhead.    


2: Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection


The normal printing work of the piezoelectric photo machine is greatly affected by static electricity, so do not touch the printhead directly with your hands in the maintenance operation of the printhead, wear protective gloves when maintaining the printhead, and check the connection of the ground wire frequently.    


3: Irregular adjustment of printhead position


When using external force to adjust the position of the printhead, do not use brute force whether replacing or fine-tuning the printhead. Please treat the printhead carefully according to the specification.    


4: Use poor ink


Poor quality ink will not only affect the color and quality of the printed pattern, but also cause damage to the printhead of the photo machine. In serious cases, it may also directly cause irreparable loss such as printhead blockage. It is recommended that the user must choose the original ink from the manufacturer or the ink recommended by the relevant manufacturer. Do not try to be cheap and cause big operation, because it is small and big loss.    


5: Improper use of cleaning fluid


The long-term immersion of the cleaning solution is conducive to the removal of stains. However, if the printhead is immersed in the cleaning solution for more than 2 days, there will be a negative impact. Generally, the maximum immersion time of the printhead should not exceed 30 hours. In addition, it is not advisable to immerse the whole printhead in the cleaning solution. Because there are many electronic components on the printhead, and most of the cleaning fluid has certain corrosiveness, so it can only soak the printhead part, or directly take a proper amount of cleaning fluid into the printhead for cleaning, and pay attention to the waterproof treatment of the circuit board and other exposed electronic components.  


6: frequent cleaning of printhead operation


It is also improper to clean the printhead frequently. On the one hand, it wastes a lot of ink, and on the other hand, it will affect the printhead to some extent. The frequency of printhead cleaning is generally recommended to be thoroughly cleaned once a month. In normal use, the "automatic cleaning" function of the software can be used.    


Some of the common wrong operations mentioned above will easily cause bad damage to the printhead. How many of the wrong ways to maintain the printhead of these photo machines do you have? If the operation exists, please correct it in time.