Heating system and cold air drying system

- Nov 11, 2019-

The heating system of the photo machine can not only facilitate the quick drying of the photo screen ink, speed up the post-processing of the photo drawing of the photo machine, and save the production time  

In this heating system, many friends are prone to misunderstandings. They often think that the higher the temperature of the heating system, the better. We should understand that our heating system is not the higher the power, the better. It needs to be limited. If the temperature is too high, the media of the phone assembly will be burnt, causing ink discoloration. If it is too low, the temperature will not rise to one Because of the role of certainty, it is also a science.

Presumably, all the friends who use the photo machine know that the photo machine is usually marked with the mark of how many watts to add. If the temperature is too high, it will often cause unnecessary effects. The heating system of the photo machine is suitable for drying, so you should understand its basic performance  

For the understanding of the heating system, first of all, the heating system of the photo realistic machine is generally installed under the sprinkler head, in the paper output platform, the equipment is made of alloy metal, and the heating strip or heating belt is installed inside. When the photo realistic machine is working, the heating can be turned on, so that if the ink is not completely dry when we spray painting, you can use the heating system to let it in a short time Fast drying effect in the room  

In addition, in order to better match the use of the heating system, the manufacturers often match the cold air drying equipment for the photo machine, and the effect is better when they use it together, especially in rainy and humid weather, which can completely spray out a picture with high aestheticism.