Ep 4720 printhead application of the photo machine is a good choice

- Jul 18, 2019-

In the field of advertising inkjet printing, the application of high-performance photo machine is very important, with the rapid development of piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, now the piezoelectric photo machine is very perfect and intelligent. 

In the application of inkjet printing, high precision and high speed has always been the pursuit of users, after all, high speed and high precision is the ultimate embodiment of inkjet printing control time and labor cost. In recent years, each big brand pictorial machine manufacturers increasing research and development, the models of multi-function and nozzle are a technical breakthrough, on the nozzle control application technology, constant innovation and pursuit of a more stable control technology, different width, nozzle more high speed spray printing machine, new type nozzle the development and application of the model, with the needs of users should be constant innovation and product launch.    

LETOP series epson 4720 nozzle model, equipped with epson 4720 nozzle, 1.9 meters wide, natural color, exquisite and delicate printing effect, is a good choice for large and wide advertising inkjet processing. Epson 4720 nozzle has very reliable spray application characteristics, using TFP thin film piezoelectric technology, 2.5pl variable point ink droplets, each nozzle has 3200 holes, spray printing speed is faster, dual 4720 nozzle speed is the model of high-speed spray.