eco solvent printer machine made in China

- Jul 20, 2020-

In recent years, ink jet printing machine is indispensable for the rapid development of domestic and foreign ink jet printing equipment.    

Nowadays, the number of domestic piezoelectric photo machine brands on the market is so numerous that people can't catch sight of it. I believe that in recent years, the familiar figure of domestic photo machine, different brands and different prices have made the label of "made in China" more loud in the spray printing industry. There are medium and high-end configuration with high price and medium and low-end machines with high cost performance. Facing so many domestic brand piezoelectric photo machines on the market, both the industry and ordinary users have a better choice for made in China.    

Made in China and made in China has changed the high price of imported photo machines. In the past, the domestic market was mostly imported photo machines with high prices. The prices of more than 100000 yuan or more were not acceptable to the shops of ordinary small and medium-sized advertising companies, let alone widely sought after and widely used. With the development of science and technology, the progress and improvement of ink-jet technology, after many years of technical research and development and exploration, the effect of new domestic piezoelectric outdoor photo machine is comparable to that of imported large brand piezoelectric camera, and the price is less than one third of the same model. Although there are some differences in technology, each has its own advantages. Today's made in China and domestic photo machine is ink-jet printing Cost performance selection of equipment. This marks that the domestic piezoelectric photo machine market is no longer the exclusive possession of foreign brands, domestic products should be self-improvement.  

The domestic brand piezoelectric camera made in China will be the first recommended cost-effective printing equipment in the jet printing industry.