Do photo machine need to clean when ink bag become dirty

- Apr 29, 2019-

Photo machine ink bag is one of the more important parts, it controls the ink absorption link, if there is a problem with the ink bag will not be able to absorb the problem, it will not be able to print properly. Is it necessary to clean the ink sac if it is dirty? It's not necessary.    

Ink sac, though important, but it is also often in one of the parts, and the price is cheaper, even if in use process will be a problem for one year is also need to be replaced, if use process found dirty or other problems should be directly affecting the normal use and change, and there is no need for cleaning, because of their own to clean and is not entirely clear clean clean, and the cleaning process is also can cause damage to other components around, in the long term to shower nozzle is very bad, because if the province that ink sac costs and lead to the nozzle is damaged, that thed loss outweights the gain.    

So ink bag this kind of important and fragile parts should be replaced directly, rather than spend big hands and feet to clean and repair, often some cheap easy to consume parts is very necessary.