Different application of photo machine in positive spray lamp box and back spray lamp box

- Aug 10, 2020-

At present, there are mainly two kinds of light box films on the market: back spray and positive spray. Generally, what you see in the market is basically the light box pieces printed by the photo machine. There are two kinds of lamp box pieces: positive spray and back spray. The photo machine has its different applications in positive spray and back spray.  

1、 Positive spray lamp box

First of all, the positive spray lamp box is directly printed on the lamp material, and the printing effect is not different from whether the lamp box is on or not, while the back jet printing needs to use the mirror image for printing. There are relevant options in the print menu, and the printed ones are installed inside. The display effect is poor without turning on the lamp, because the internal light is insufficient and the light transmittance of the lamp is not very good The lack of lighting makes it difficult for people to see the print.

Positive spray lamp box sheet is positive coating, printing image color is gorgeous, rich levels. The positive spray lamp box can be printed with water-based ink or solvent ink. However, after the image printing is completed, it needs to be coated to improve its color saturation, waterproof function and service life.

For example, in the application environment of milk tea shop, if the positive spray lamp box piece is selected, it can also be made into full transparent or semi transparent. Full transparent light box is fully transparent, only in the light of the light, will appear colorful, and no light irradiation, it will appear a dark. Semi transparent light box is translucent, also known as Taibai film. Semi transparent light box will also show the effect of color photo when there is no light, and it will be more gorgeous after lighting.  

2、 Back spray lamp box

The back spray lamp box is composed of film base and coating. The coating is on the back and consists of a special coating and a white shading layer on it. The white shading layer makes the light diffuse reflection. After printing, the ink penetrates through the shading layer to the other side of the coating, presenting a positive image. When the image is painted on the back, the front of the light box film will not be damaged and the viewing effect of the image will not be affected. However, it is generally only applicable to the back lighting light box, which has great limitations.    

Under the application of ink jet printing of light box film, the printing picture pattern is clear, delicate and delicate. After lighting, the color is bright and clear, the vision is good, the contrast is high, the level is rich, the saturation is high, high temperature and low temperature resistance, water and ultraviolet light are waterproof and colorless.